The barter system is back!

Well, really it never left. But it does tend to get put on the back burner until times are tight… like right now! And nowhere is this more applicable than in the entertainment industry. Many up and coming performers face unbearable financial constraints when out on the road working. But thanks to Ignite Hospitality Services things are changing!  Ignite Hospitality Services has partnered up with trade friendly hotels looking to offer up their guest rooms  in exchange for items of value from our clients, such as tickets, advertisement, merchandise, etc.

Once a potential trading partner accepts your trade request, Ignite receives a Nominal finders fee on the deal’s original total value. .

Notably, there are no confusing web pages to navigate through or hard to read contracts many barter exchanges require.

You have until end of business day to pay your accepted offer with Ignite. You must also contact the property to confirm the details of your hotel reservation.

Avg room rate Per Day x 30% Finders Fee= $29 – $45  Versus  Original Price: $99 – $250

If you’re unable to submit payment within the required time please contact us at Sales@Ignite​ Failure to submit payment on time may result in cancellation of confirmed rooms or possible termination in partner agreement with Ignite Hospitality Services.

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30% Finders Fee on The Hotel’s Avg Room Rate
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To start the process please fill out our simple to use
hotel trade form by clicking the link below.