General Info

What is Ignite Hospitality Services?

Established in 2014, Ignite Hospitality Services coordinates personalized opportunities for entertainers to save money and increase their brand exposure through our hotel, trade out, and referral programs.

Does Ignite Hospitality Services provide a 1099-B Form?

Many people are not aware that the benefits derived from barter transactions are taxable and must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on IRS Form 1099-B and your state tax return. The IRS and your state maintain Websites where you can download income tax forms to report barter income. Generally, whatever property or services that you barter for amount to taxable income based on the fair market value (FMV) of the property or services received by the taxpayer. Barter network membership and transaction fees may be deducted as permissible expenses. If you are a member of a barter network, it is the responsibility of the network to provide you with a link to the IRS Form 1099-B.     1099-B Form      1099-B Instructions      1099-B Useful Info

Why should new professionals use this service?

Ignite Hospitality appreciates the hard work of young fresh talent and provides a support system for those that are still “paying their dues”. Of course, living ones dream can become quite costly! There are physical, emotional, and financial sacrifices made throughout one’s journey to stardom. Many A list celebrities were at one time homeless or worked several jobs just to get by. We at Ignite Hospitality Services are sensitive to the needs of up and coming professionals and believe our unique concept will make their journey to stardom a lot less taxing.

What is barter?

Barter is simply the exchange of something that you have for something that you want.

What is celebrity branding?

Celebrity branding is a unique marketable image that a professional develops throughout their career. Branding is in essence a zero sum game. Either you’re relevant or you’re not! A persons brand, one can argue, is always in a constant state of change. Notably, it can be an arduous process of always trying to stay significant to fans, especially when a professional is new to the industry. At the end of the day celebrity branding is the lifeblood of any professionals career. Being identifiable and relevant gives a industry professional greater leverage within their field.

What are the type of industry professionals you work with?

Comedians, singers, variety acts, motivational speakers and more are welcome to register. With that said, Ignite Hospitality Services takes great pride in its relationships with clients and hotel partners alike. Therefore, it’s vital that people who use our service are highly professional throughout the trade process.

Are you a talent agency?

While we are not a talent or booking agency, we will work with you to coordinate trades and provide leads that may very well involve discounted or bartered hotel rooms.

How does Ignite Hospitality Services work?

At Ignite Hospitality Services, we’ve been working tirelessly to make our site easy to use. Check out the “How It Works” link for detailed information on getting you started.

Hospitality Specialists

What's this feature mainly setup to do?

Ignite’s custom trade hub provides an opportunity for industry professionals to leverage their celebrity equity for bartered lodging accommodations nationwide.

How will trading through Ignite Hospitality Services exchange feature help grow my brand?

  • Receive one-on-one personalized attention
  • No contracts, or costly membership fees
  • Exclusive barter platform for up and coming professionals
  • Make multiple offers to multiple properties
  • Tap into our exclusive hotelier database

I’m not touring for another couple of weeks so when should I start using this feature?

The sooner the better! There are multiple factors that affect how quickly we can address the requirements of our clients:

  • Geographical destination
  • Accommodations required
  • Trade offers
  • Your brand marketability
  • Time of season

Therefore, we ask you to give us a 1 to 3 month window to locate suitable trading partners for you.

How do I know if this feature is right for me?

Our feature is perfect for touring artists who require multiple properties and/or require a 1-3 day room stay.

What does it cost to get started?

A transaction fee for a percentage of the true trade value of the room and/or guest accommodations. Check out the Pricing page for more detail.

When must the transaction fees be paid?

All transaction fees must be paid within 48hrs prior to receiving your trade partners information

Can I make more than one offer at a time?

Yes! You can make multiple trade offers to multiple properties. In fact, the more offers you make, the more likely you will successfully trade. An offer doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t commit you to anything.

How do I start the process?

Fill out the REGISTRATION Form to begin.

How do I know if my form was submitted?

Check your inbox or spam folder to see if it came through.

Though to keep it out of the spam folder, please add the following email to your contact list: entertainerlist@Ignite​HospitalityServices.com

Social Media

IHS & Lodgings & You

We are selling / trading a social media marketing package to hoteliers in exchange for unused lodging rooms. These social media packages include, but are not limited to: Yelp, Trip Advisor, the Lodging Facebook Page, Google+, Radio, etc. Entertainer professionals are expected to make a minimum of 3 posts to social media sites with positive feedback highlighting their experience at the property. Please be advised all feedback is expected to be professional, courteous, and url links sent to Sales@Ignite​HospitalityServices.com within 3 business days of your stay at the property; as it will be shared with the marketing team at the lodging.

How do I copy and paste url links?

Right click on a url, select copy, go to the location you’ll paste to, right click again and select paste. You can also use your mouse to highlight the url, press the Ctrl and C keys together to copy, then go to the location you’ll paste to, then press Ctrl and V keys together.

Proper Social Media Post

Examples Of A Good Post
The (lodging name) in (city), (state) was one of the most conveniently located hotel we’ve stayed in. We got to walk to most of our favorite restaurants, and it’s right around the corner from attractions in the (location / region / area). Huge non-smoking room with king bed, fridge, microwave, and etc. They serve the best donuts & coffee ever! Nestle coffee creamers – yum. Nice quiet stay and we’ll definitely be back. Thanks for a great stay, (lodging name)!
Reason: It names the lodging and its best qualities, its location and why its a great location – because of the sites around it.2: (lodging name) in (city), (state) had some of the best breakfast choices I’ve seen and tasted in awhile. The room I stayed in felt a bit like home and was quite relaxing.
Reason: It names the lodging and its location, along with complimenting a bit of why the lodging stood out for you and why you liked staying there.

The examples above are there for reference or to help give you a few ideas of what to add to yours if you think you missed something or if you have trouble coming up with a proper post. Also, remember to mention the lodging name and its qualities you liked or reasons why you enjoyed staying there.

Improper Social Media Post

Examples Of A Bad Post
So and so restaurant was nearby, was awesome eating there.
Reason: This does not promote the lodging, it only promotes the nearby restaurant. Which is unacceptable.2: (venue name) was great and so was the audience that attended the performance. Got to stay at a nice hotel room for a few days, though the sites around the city was awesome.
Reason: This only really promotes the venue and the city. A sparse mention of the lodging and/or not even naming the lodging, does not count as promoting the lodging, so this is unacceptable.

Having unacceptable promotions will force and result in other lodgings and IHS to deny you further service at our and their discretion, so please promote the lodging brand appropriately.