At Ignite Hospitality Services, we know that barter has been around for thousands of years, but in the last few years barter has truly shown its resilience.

Ignite Hospitality Services matches and connects new and establishes entertainers with trade friendly hoteliers across the country. We have a proven track record of helping our associates save on hotel expenses while bringing value to our hotel partners through mutually beneficial trades. Perfect for entertainers who are wanting to start a tour or already on the road looking for lodging accommodations.

If you are a professional artist in need of a clean safe friendly hotel to stay at during your travels we would love to help.

While numerous businesses are readily using barter today, there is a real lack of it found in the hotel and entertainment industry as a whole.

Barter provides numerous benefits to industries looking to swap one product or service for another in lieu of currency.

In the case of entertainers, they use their celebrity as leverage to gain access to unused guest rooms and guest services, while hoteliers use the power of trade to increase profits and brand exposure-it’s a win win for everyone!

Notably, lodging rooms have fixed costs…

and it doesn’t matter if the rooms are vacant or occupied; either way all hoteliers still have to pay for the electric, water, maintenance, and upkeep of every single room. Research indicates that these industries would consider barter, but have never been educated on how to use it as a viable alternative to monetary based transactions.

That is until now! Ignite Hospitality Services has created an exclusive service for entertainers who are interested in saving money on guest room costs through networking and trade with brand hotels across the country.


Here at IHS our job and mission is to provide access to a series of services through our evolving interactive barter platform.

This will offer numerous opportunities for both entertainers and hoteliers to promote their brand, add profits and preserve capital, while networking with fellow industry professionals and hoteliers across the country.

As we facilitate mutually beneficial trades on your behalf, we carefully screen  hoteliers, so you can have the satisfaction of trading with  quality properties.

To start the process please fill out our simple to use
hotel trade form by clicking the link below.

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