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Lodging Barter
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Allow a minimum of 24 hours or within a timely manner for our Hospitality Coordinators to review and process your form. Please fill out the form a week or more in advance to increase chances of getting a room and to avoid deadlocks. We facilitate room trades 1-3 days max, if additional days required please contact us.

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You agree that you're responsible for getting and filling out the 1099-B Form(s) and turning it in.

You understand and agree that Ignite Hospitality Services coordinates trade between brand and independent hotels and other types of lodging on behalf of our clients. And while we do our utmost to vett hotel trade partners, you understand and agree that IHS will not be held legally responsible for any hotel-related issues that may arise prior to, during and/or after your stay.

You understand and agree that some information supplied to Ignite Hospitality Services can be used for marketing purposes and all other IHS related business services.

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